Thursday, June 30, 2016

SMS News

Updated: 07:53
The ground at Tipperary is now good, good to yielding in places (2mm rain in last 24 hours). Showers forecast today.
Updated: 08:02
The ground at Wexford is now good. Will water to maintain.
Updated: 08:18
The ground at Bellewstown is now yielding, soft in places (Flat) and good to yielding (Hurdle). Showers forecast.
Updated: 08:32
The ground at Roscommon remains soft (Flat) and yielding (NH). Unsettled forecast over the coming days.
Updated: 10:15
The ground at Leopardstown is currently soft. 4cast remaining unsettled over the coming days.
Updated: 14:42
The ground at Naas is now soft, yielding in places. Risk of showers over coming days.
Updated: 16:11
The ground at Tipperary is now yielding following 6mm rain today.


30/06/2016Bellewstown813Deputy Consort (USA)Stone Bruise30/06/2016 09:52:39
30/06/2016Tipperary36Art SceneSore Shins30/06/2016 13:24:46
30/06/2016Tipperary314Tears In My EyesIn Season30/06/2016 13:34:40
30/06/2016Tipperary44Avealittlepatiencecoughing30/06/2016 11:54:20
30/06/2016Tipperary69Irish ReelLame near fore30/06/2016 09:56:44
30/06/2016Tipperary73Athenry BoyCoughing30/06/2016 11:14:19
30/06/2016Tipperary711Papal MotelChange in Going
30/06/2016Tipperary717BanffChange in Going30/06/2016 13:08:07
30/06/2016Tipperary718Grande Waltz (GER)Change in Going30/06/2016 13:08:07

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