Thursday, November 23, 2017

Members & Stewards

The Turf Club and the Irish National Hunt Steeplechase Committee are both private bodies. Members of the two bodies are elected for their knowledge and experience of both the sport and the business of racing in Ireland, and for the contribution they can make towards the administration of the sport.

The Members elect eight Stewards, four of whom come from the Turf Club and four from the INHSC. In effect the Stewards are the Board of Directors of the Turf Club and as such responsible for seeing that the overall policy of the organisation is implemented. While working in harmony  the two groups of Stewards also have specific responsibility for their own area in racing.

The Stewards are as follows: -

Ms. Meta Osborne, Senior Steward, The Turf Club
H.R.D. McCalmont, Deputy Senior Steward, The Turf Club
Eamon McElroy, The Turf Club
Mrs Caroline Corballis, the Turf Club 

Peter M. Allen, Senior Steward, INHSC
Martin P. O'Donnell, Deputy Senior Steward INHSC
Hugh Ferguson, INHSC
Dr Colm O'Flaherty, INHSC

The Turf Club also provides Stewards for all race meetings held in Ireland. Between two and four Stewards for any meeting will be drawn from the membership of The Turf Club or INHSC. A further two will be appointed by the committee of the racecourse involved. A fifth Steward for each meeting comes from The Turf Club's professional integrity services staff. S/he is there to advise the Four Stewards on the day. The Stewards deal with all matters relevant to the proper conduct of the meeting, including the integrity of the sport.

Any decision of the Stewards at a race meeting is subject to appeal. The appeal may be heard by the Appeals Body sitting in two divisions, each comprised of three members. The first division being chaired by an Independent Chairman and the second division by a member appointed by the Stewards of the Governing Bodies. Depending on the case being heard the Independent Chairaman will decide which division shall hear the appeal.