Monday, November 20, 2017

Runners Abroad Notification

What should I do before I run a horse outside of Ireland and Great Britain?

When a horse is to travel outside of Ireland for the purpose of running in a race the trainer must inform Horse Racing Ireland no later than the day prior to the deadline for declarations of the name of the country where the horse is to travel together with the name of the horse and the race name and date of the firstĀ  race in which the horse is to run. Horse Racing Ireland will then submit a Racing Clearance Notification (RCN) to the recognised Turf Authority staging the race.
The above requirement does not apply to horses travelling to Great Britain to race.

The RCN will attest that a) the horse is free or not free as the case may be from any restrictions preventing it from racing, b) that the Trainer is duly licensed and c) that the Owner is duly registered and does not appear on the Forfeit List. For the purposes of the RCN a restriction on a horse does not include incomplete records of vaccination.

The Racing Clearance Notification does not state that the vaccinations are in order so it is important to check that the vaccinations are up to date in the passport before travelling. All declaration of runners must be made directly to the racing authority of the country where the race is run and trainers should be aware of possible time differences.

Some countries do not use this clearance method and in which case the trainer should check with HRI for the procedure to be followed.
For full details see Rule 95

What should I do when the horse has run outside of Ireland?

When a trainer runs a horse anywhere outside of Ireland he/she must notify Horse Racing Ireland within 48 hours of the race being run or before the horse is entered in another race in Ireland (whichever is the earlier) of the details of the racecourse performance. Failure to do this will result in a fine.
For full details see Rule 148(v)(d)

What else do I need to know?

When a horse travels outside of the country to run in a race there will be an identity check on the horse the next time it runs in Ireland. Failure to produce the passport then will result in the horse not being allowed to run and a fine being imposed.
For full details see Rule 90(i)