Monday, November 20, 2017
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A Decent Excuse, 2007 g b by Fruits Of Love (USA) - Brave Thistle, Duhallow (F)
O'Sullivan, Eugene M. - BLUE & YELLOW QTD; blue sleeves; yellow cap,blue hoop
Handler: O'Sullivan, Eugene M.
Absainte (FR), 2012 f gr by Saint Des Saints (FR) - Niangara (FR), Meath (F)
Smile Says It All Syndicate - WHITE,black spots; black sleeves,white spots; pink cap,black spots
Handler: Martin, A.J.
Acceptable Risk, 2013 g b by Beat Hollow (GB) - Royal Nora, Ballinagore (H)
Baltimore Stables Syndicate - PURPLE,white seams; purple & white striped sleeves; purple cap,white stars
Handler: Doyle, James W.
Aclassagold, 2013 g b by Gold Well (GB) - Midnight Classic, Killinick (H)
Cleary, R.J. - GREEN,yellow star; green sleeves,yellow stars; white cap
Handler: Walsh, Benny O.
Adamstown, 2008 g ch by Flemensfirth (USA) - Always Present, Mid-Antrim (H)
Dennison, W.W. - BLACK & WHITE QTD; black & white hlvd sleeves; white cap
Handler: McKeever, Colin S.
Added Time, 2013 g b by Scorpion - Rematch, Ormond (F)
Hogan, M.G. - WHITE,royal blue stars; white sleeves,royal blue armlet; white cap,royal blue star
Handler: Hogan, Denis Gerard
Agent Memphis, 2012 f b by Scorpion - Forces of Destiny, Killinick (H)
Codd, Robyn - DARK GREEN,yellow star; dark green sleeves,yellow stars; yellow cap,dark green star
Handler: Codd, W.F.
Aheadfullofdreams, 2013 g b by Sandmason (GB) - Aphra Benn, Island (F)
Murphy, Denis Paul - ORANGE,white epaulettes; white sleeves; orange cap,white star
Handler: Murphy, Denis Paul
Ain't My Fault, 2013 g b by Beneficial (GB) - Coolnasneachta, Killeagh (H)
Motherway, Linda - RED,white epaulettes; red sleeves,white armlet; red cap,white star
Handler: Motherway, Colin
Alfie Corbitt, 2013 g b by Arakan (USA) - Millanymare, Duhallow (F)
Culloty, J.H. - BLACK; yellow sleeves; black cap
Handler: Culloty, J.H.
Ali Mcsherry, 2012 g b by Winged Love - Old Glenort Daragh, Mid-Antrim (H)
Porter, William - LIGHT BLUE,navy large spots; light blue sleeves; navy cap
Handler: Ferguson, I. R.
Alice's Star, 2009 f b by Odyle (USA) - All Except Alice, Ward Union (S)
O'Sullivan, Denis - BLACK,yellow cross belts; black & yellow check sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: O'Sullivan, Denis
Allannahs Gold, 2011 g b by Golden Tornado - Princess Alannah, United Hunt (F)
O'Mahony, Eileen - RED,black star; red sleeves,black stars; red cap
Handler: O'Brien, Terence
Alloverafiver, 2010 f b by Mountain High - Thedollarlady, Co.Limerick (F)
O'Brien, Richard F. - RED; red,black diamonds sleeves & black diamond sleeves; black & red qtd cap
Handler: Halley, John
Alpha Male (FR), 2011 g b by Poliglote (GB) - Arzuaga (GB), Kildare (F)
Maher, Valerie J. - ORANGE,black chevron; orange sleeves; orange cap,black spots
Handler: Maher, Peter
Alvor Bay, 2013 f b by Presenting (GB) - Mawly Day, Ward Union (S)
Danestown Racing Partnership - DARK BLUE & WHITE HOOPS; dark blue & white hooped sleeves; red cap
Handler: Cromwell, Gavin
Always On The Ball (FR), 2013 g ch by Kapgarde (FR) - Etoile Des Iles (FR), Island (F)
Frisby, Richard - EMERALD GREEN; white sleeves,emerald green stars; white cap,emerald green star
Handler: Murphy, Denis Paul
Amber Cool, 2013 g b by Shantou (USA) - Talkin Madam, Island (F)
Redmond, Patrick Joseph - PURPLE,gold spots
Handler: Kenny, Liam
Amerijano, 2013 g b by Milan (GB) - American Jennie, Bree (F)
C.R.B. Bloodstock Limited - YELLOW,red cross of lorraine; yellow & red hlvd sleeves; red cap
Handler: Nolan, Paul
Analyse That, 2006 g b by Wareed - Fairlawns (GB), West Waterford (F)
Aherne, Sean - MAUVE,white hoop; mauve sleeves,white armlet; mauve cap,white star
Handler: Aherne, Sean
Ancient Highway, 2009 g b by Indian Danehill - Bluespec Anna, Carlow Farmers (F)
Fahy, Natalie - ROYAL BLUE,red star; royal blue sleeves,red stars; royal blue & red hooped cap
Handler: Fahy, P.A.
Angels In Paradise, 2013 f b by Arcadio (GER) - Come Over To Me, Tynan & Armagh (F)
Finnegan, Charles - ROYAL BLUE,emerald green chevron; royal blue & emerald green striped sleeves; royal blue cap
Handler: Watson, Marshall
Annie Mccarroll, 2012 f b by Ask (GB) - The Irish Whip (GB), East Antrim (H)
Andrew G. Kennedy & G.R. Logan - GREY,green collar & cuffs; grey sleeves; green & black qtd cap
Handler: Crawford, S.R.B.
Another Day Done, 2011 g b by Davorin (JPN) - Perfect Memory, Killultagh, Old Rock & Chichester (F)
Armstrong, R.J. - YELLOW & ROYAL BLUE QTD; yellow sleeves; royal blue cap,white spots
Handler: Crawford, S.R.B.
Another Drama, 2012 g b by Gamut - Rachrush, Carlow Farmers (F)
Fahy, Natalie - ROYAL BLUE,red star; royal blue sleeves,red stars; royal blue & red hooped cap
Handler: Fahy, P.A.
Anticur, 2012 g ch by Generous - Sharqogan, Mid-Antrim (H)
Patrick Kearns, Edward Kearns & Shane O'Grady - BLACK; light blue sleeves; green cap
Handler: Kearns, Pat
Apple Farm, 2012 g b by Apple Tree (FR) - Opal'lou (FR), Doneraile (H)
O'Grady, A.M - YELLOW,red stars; yellow & red striped sleeves; yellow & red striped cap
Handler: O'Grady, Eoghan
Arahecan, 2013 g ch by Arakan (USA) - Paradise Lily, United Hunt (F)
Collins, Bridget - WHITE,red seams; white sleeves; red & white qtd cap
Handler: Collins, M.P.
Arch Chancelor, 2010 g b by Prince Arch (USA) - Swan Bridge, Waterford (F)
Flavin, P.T. - BROWN,yellow sash; brown sleeves; yellow cap,brown star
Handler: Flavin, J.P.
Arch Melody, 2012 g b by Arcadio (GER) - Shouland, Coolnakilla (H)
Morrison, John - EMERALD GREEN,orange stars; emerald green sleeves,orange stars; white cap,orange star
Handler: Morrison, John
Arctic Road (GB), 2013 g b by Flemensfirth (USA) - Arctic Actress (GB), Island (F)
Coffey, P.G. - EMERALD GREEN,yellow epaulettes; emerald green sleeves; emerald green cap,yellow star
Handler: Murphy, Denis Paul
Arctic Robin, 2012 f b by Robin des Champs (FR) - Arctic Vision, Iveagh (H)
Dawson, Dr J.F. - ROYAL BLUE & YELLOW STRIPES; royal blue & yellow striped sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: Dawson, Mrs Sarah
Ard Chros, 2012 g b by Publisher (USA) - Threecrossmammies, Killinick (H)
Devereux, James - WHITE,green sash; white sleeves; red cap
Handler: Devereux, Vincent
Ardlethen, 2013 g ch by Arakan (USA) - Itsafamilyaffair, East Galway (F)
Shane Ryder & Elaine Bleahen - WHITE,maroon star; white sleeves,maroon stars; white cap,maroon stars
Handler: Ryder, Shane
Ardoyne, 2013 g b by Doyen - Castletown Girl (GB), Mid-Antrim (H)
Dennison, W.W. - BLACK & WHITE QTD; black & white hlvd sleeves; white cap
Handler: McKeever, Colin S.
Ardrahan (GB), 2012 g ch by Apple Tree (FR) - Isaflo (GB), Duhallow (F)
O'Sullivan, Maxine - PURPLE,pink chevron; purple sleeves; white cap
Handler: O'Sullivan, Eugene M.
Arizona Ranger, 2013 g b br by Stowaway (GB) - Saffron Holly, Killinick (H)
Bates, William - DARK BLUE; dark blue sleeves,pink stars; dark blue cap,pink star
Handler: Jordan, Brian
Art Lord, 2006 g b by Lord Americo - Oilpainting, Fingal (H)
Harvey, David - YELLOW & BLACK HOOPS; yellow sleeves; red cap
Handler: Harvey, David
Arthamint (GB), 2008 g b by Passing Glance (GB) - Araminta (GB), Dungarvan Farmers (F)
Houlihan, Martin - ORANGE,emerald green chevrons; emerald green cap
Handler: Kiely, David A.
Arturdexterbradley, 2013 g b by Masterofthehorse - Lost It, Kilmoganny (F)
O'Dwyer, Peter - PURPLE,yellow sash; purple sleeves; yellow cap,purple star
Handler: Keane, David C.
As Sweet As Tea, 2013 f b by Kalanisi - Katsura (GB), Iveagh (H)
O'Hagan, Gary - YELLOW,green diabolo; yellow sleeves; green cap
Handler: Cosgrave, J.G.
Ask And Answer, 2013 g b by Ask (GB) - Final Bond, West Waterford (F)
Aherne, Sean - MAUVE,white hoop; mauve sleeves,white armlet; mauve cap,white star
Handler: Aherne, Sean
Ask Ben, 2013 g b by Ask (GB) - Decheekymonkey, Dungarvan Farmers (F)
Beresford, Raymond - RED & GREEN HLVD; red,green reversed sleeves; red & green hooped cap
Handler: Beresford, Raymond
Ask Harry (GB), 2012 g b by Helissio (FR) - Lady of Spain (GB), Island (F)
Tom Power & Annette Lawlor - RED,royal blue star; red sleeves,royal blue stars; red cap,royal blue star
Handler: Brennan, J.P.
Ask Jd, 2013 g b by Ask (GB) - Sara Cara, Derrygallon (H)
O'Leary, J.C. - RED,white hoop; white sleeves,red spots; white cap,red spots
Handler: Murphy, Damian
Ask Robin, 2012 g b by Robin des Champs (FR) - Ask June, Coolnakilla (H)
Cashman, Catherine - ROYAL BLUE,beige hoop; beige sleeves; royal blue & beige hooped cap
Handler: Cashman, P.
Astrals Milan, 2013 f b by Rule of Law (USA) - A G Milan, Ballinagore (H)
Murphy, Thomas V. - ORANGE,white epaulettes; white sleeves; orange cap,white star
Handler: Murphy, Bernadette A.K.
Atlantic Mist, 2012 g b by Atlantic Waves - Home For Good, Co.Galway(F)
Cullinane, M.O. - MAROON,white triple diamond; maroon sleeves; maroon & white striped cap
Handler: Cullinane, M.O.
Atlantic Shore, 2013 g b by Mahler (GB) - Garrymorris, Kilmoganny (F)
Cahill, Mark - GREEN & PINK QTD; green & pink hooped sleeves; green cap
Handler: Cahill, Mark
Auld Sport, 2013 g b by Golan - Castle Presenting, West Waterford (F)
O'Mahony, John - GREEN,white hoop; green sleeves,white armlet; white cap
Handler: Aherne, Garry
Aunty Kitty, 2010 f b by Tikkanen (USA) - Crimond, Derrygallon (H)
Walsh, Irene T. - RED; red sleeves,white diabolo; red & white qtd cap
Handler: O'Connor, Turlough
Aupcharlie, 2006 g b by Daliapour - Lirfa (USA), Fingal (H)
Knockalough Syndicate - ROYAL BLUE,yellow diabolo; yellow sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: Dreaper, J.T.R.
Aztec Chief, 2006 g ch by Great Palm (USA) - Wigwam Mam, United Hunt (F)
MacAuley, Denis W. - MAUVE,purple sash; purple sleeves; mauve & purple qtd cap
Handler: O'Donnabhain, Eamonn