Monday, May 02, 2016
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Eager To Know, 2010 g b by Sayarshan (FR) - Drew, Co.Clare (H)
Hogan, Miss Sarah - BLACK; pink, plain sleeves; green cap
Handler: Lee, Norman
Eala Beag, 2006 f b by Wareed - Little Nancy, Duhallow (F)
Michelle Archdeacon & Jacqueline McGrath - RED,black chevrons; black,red stars sleeves; black cap,red stars
Handler: Archdeacon, L.J.
Earlshill, 2011 g b by Milan (GB) - Mrs Marples, Tipperary (F)
O'Grady, Mrs E.J. - DARK BLUE,white sash; dark blue, plain sleeves; red cap,dark blue stars
Handler: O'Grady, E. J.
Easter In Paris, 2009 f b by Bienamado (USA) - Easter Saturday, Coolnakilla (H)
Tynan Phelan, Mary - WHITE & RED DIAMONDS; red sleeves; white & red hooped cap
Handler: Burke, W. J.
Easy On Sunday, 2011 g b by Mahler (GB) - Mooderick, Dungarvan (H)
Mooney, Katherine - WHITE,blue cross belts; white, plain sleeves; blue cap,white spots
Handler: McGrath, R.J.
Easy Peezy, 2009 f b by Oscar - Queenofclubs, United Hunt (F)
O'Donoghue, Michael - WHITE,black cross belts; black, plain sleeves; red cap
Handler: O'Connor, P.C.
Easy To See, 2007 g gr by Pierre (GB) - Nancymar, Co.Galway(F)
Hogan, Miss Sarah - BLACK; pink, plain sleeves; green cap
Handler: Lee, Norman
Eau De Horse, 2010 f gr by Court Cave - Aluda Girl, Co.Galway(F)
MacEithir, Sean - LIGHT BLUE; white sleeves; pink cap
Handler: Mahon, S.J.
Echoes Of Milan, 2008 f b by Milan (GB) - Echoes of Erin, Westmeath (F)
Love, Mrs D.A. - MAROON; maroon,emerald green striped sleeves; maroon & emerald green qtd cap
Handler: Murphy, Ciaran M.
Eddies Miracle, 2012 g b br by Primary (USA) - Clomore, Wexford (F)
Aspel, Peter - EMERALD GREEN,white chevrons; emerald green,white chevrons sleeves; orange & white hooped cap
Handler: Doyle, G.M.
Eily's Engine, 2009 f b by Blueprint - Cooleamar, Coolnakilla (H)
Kent, Kathleen - GREEN & BLUE QTD; green sleeves; green & blue check cap
Handler: Riordan, Mrs. Jeanette
Ekbaal (GB), 2009 g b by Red Ransom (USA) - Tamazug (GB), Island (F)
Gill, Frank - MAROON,emerald green diabolo; maroon,emerald green armlet sleeves; maroon & emerald green qtd cap
Handler: Corrigan, G.D.
El Grande, 2007 g b by Almutawakel (GB) - Teen Ballet (GB), Mid-Antrim (H)
Conway, Mrs P.J. - PINK,white hoop; pink, plain sleeves; royal blue cap
Handler: Richert, Maria
El Velero, 2007 g b by Windsor Castle (GB) - Precious Flame, North Kilkenny (F)
Dooley, Kenny - BLACK,orange stars; orange,black stars sleeves; orange cap,black star
Handler: Dooley, Mrs Audrey
Elegant Albert, 2010 g b by Definite Article (GB) - Elegant Kate, Ward Union (S)
Lynch, Andrew - BLUE; yellow sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: Lynch, Andrew
Elegant Escape, 2012 g b by Dubai Destination (USA) - Graineuaile, Westmeath (F)
Donnelly, Chris - LIGHT GREEN,purple chevron; light green,purple striped sleeves; light green cap,purple stars
Handler: Elliott, Gordon
Ellens Celtic, 2009 g b by Celtic Swing (GB) - Glen Ellen, Wexford (F)
Whelan, Dermot James - GREY,red panel; grey sleeves; red cap
Handler: Roche, Kieran
Ellens Way (GB), 2012 f b by Black Sam Bellamy - Function Dreamer (GB), Carlow Farmers (F)
Cobajay Syndicate - BLACK,red hoop; black, plain sleeves; red cap
Handler: Fitzgerald, Aidan
Elm Lee, 2005 g gr by Close Conflict (USA) - Murtys Pride, Golden Vale (F)
Condon, John L. - ORANGE,purple diamond; orange,purple chevrons sleeves; orange cap
Handler: Condon, John L.
Elusive Classic, 2008 g b by Classic Cliche - Zander Gander, Wexford (F)
O'Gorman, Donal Patrick - YELLOW,black braces; yellow, plain sleeves; yellow & white striped cap
Handler: O'Gorman, Susan
Elusive Tunes, 2010 g ch by Marienbard - Country Style (GB), South County Dublin(H)
Hughes, Declan - MAROON,yellow panel; maroon,yellow armlet sleeves; maroon cap,yellow star
Handler: Hughes, Cian
Embrace The Space, 2010 g b by Zagreb (USA) - Kyle Hill, Dungarvan Farmers (F)
Kiely, Catherine - YELLOW,royal blue braces; yellow,royal blue hooped sleeves; yellow & royal blue striped cap
Handler: Kiely, Paul Stephen
Emerald Chieftan, 2010 g b by Oscar - Its Only Gossip, Coolnakilla (H)
Richard & Anne Gallagher - ORANGE,grey spots; orange sleeves; orange cap,grey spots
Handler: Kent, Edmond
Emeralds Choice, 2009 g b by Portrait Gallery - Beelitz, United Hunt (F)
Beamish, Christy - BLUE,orange panel; orange, plain sleeves; blue cap
Handler: Beamish, J.
Emily Beag, 2012 f b by Kalanisi - Ring Street Roller, Ward Union (S)
Ryan, John F. - LIGHT BLUE & DARK BLUE STRIPES; light blue sleeves; white cap,light blue spots
Handler: Cromwell, Gavin
Empire Burleque, 2012 g b by Cape Cross - Mowazana, Waterford (F)
Power, Mrs B. - WHITE,royal blue diamond; royal blue,white diamonds sleeves; royal blue cap,white diamond
Handler: Power, Paul
En Joule (GB), 2011 f ch by Shirocco (GER) - Ancora, Island (F)
Sunderland, Simon J. - PURPLE & WHITE HLVD; purple,white reversed sleeves; purple & white qtd cap
Handler: Sunderland, M.P.
Enbarr Of Mannan, 2008 g b by Beneficial (GB) - Porter Tastes Nice, Premier (H)
Roche, Mrs Ann - PURPLE,white cross of lorraine; purple, plain sleeves; purple & white hooped cap
Handler: Widger, Robert
End Of Term, 2008 g b by Brian Boru (GB) - Spring Lake, Killinick (H)
Codd, W.J. - LIGHT BLUE,black cross belts; light blue, plain sleeves; black cap
Handler: Codd, W.F.
Endless Magic, 2011 g ch by Definite Article (GB) - Shouette, Muskerry (F)
Murphy, John Joseph - WHITE,dark green diamond; white,dark green diamonds sleeves; white cap,dark green diamonds
Handler: Murphy, John Joseph
Enniscoffey Oscar, 2012 g b by Oscar - Enniscoffey, Island (F)
Monbeg Syndicate - EMERALD GREEN,orange spots; white,orange spots sleeves; emerald green cap
Handler: Doyle, Donnchadh
Enniskillen, 2005 g b by Witness Box (USA) - First of April, Kildare (F)
Weld, Albert - LIGHT BLUE; pink, plain sleeves; royal blue cap,white spots
Handler: Maher, Peter
Ericus Erici (GB), 2010 g b by Include (USA) - Eze (USA), Meath (F)
Bannon, Paul C. - EMERALD GREEN,royal blue hoop; emerald green,royal blue stars sleeves; emerald green cap
Handler: Crawley, Shane
Escapefromthedark, 2009 f ch by Basanta - Foxcroft Girl, Galtee (H)
O'Gorman, P.J. - RED,black star; red,black hlvd sleeves; red cap,black star
Handler: Byrne, L.
Espoir De Teillee (FR), 2012 g b by Martaline (GB) - Belle De Lyphard (FR), Island (F)
Goff, Caitriona - PURPLE & YELLOW DIAMONDS; purple sleeves; purple cap,yellow diamond
Handler: Goff, Michael
Esthers Present, 2010 g br by Presenting (GB) - Miss Esther (GER), Coolnakilla (H)
Cashman, Catherine - ROYAL BLUE,beige hoop; beige, plain sleeves; royal blue & beige hooped cap
Handler: Cashman, P.
Ethan Edwards, 2009 g b by Exit To Nowhere (USA) - La Principal, Kildare (F)
McGeough, Thomas - RED; black sleeves; black & white hooped cap
Handler: McGeough, Thomas
Ethan Hunt, 2011 g b by Morozov (USA) - Outdoor Holly, Bree (F)
Pierce, Andrew - BLACK,orange sash; black, plain sleeves; white cap,orange star
Handler: Pierce, Paul Martin
Everest, 2009 g b by Mountain High - Rowlands Star, Duhallow (F)
Buckley, Joe - WHITE,red triple diamond; white,red hlvd sleeves; white & red qtd cap
Handler: O'Sullivan, Eugene M.
Every Breakin Wave, 2010 g b by Double Eclipse - Striking Gold (USA), Stonehall (H)
Boylan, Marty - BLACK & RED HOOPS; black,red stars sleeves; white cap,green star
Handler: Dore, C.J.
Eviscerating, 2012 g gr by Court Cave - Titanic Quarter, Westmeath (F)
Gigginstown House Stud - MAROON,white star; maroon,white armlet sleeves; maroon cap,white star
Handler: Elliott, Gordon
Exit Ten, 2011 g b by Oscar - Blueberry Bramble, Kilmoganny (F)
Frisby, Richard - EMERALD GREEN; white,emerald green stars sleeves; white cap,emerald green star
Handler: Bowe, Colin
Express Pierre, 2011 g b by Pierre (GB) - Express Mail, South Westmeath (H)
Finn, Eamonn - BLUE,white sash; white sleeves; white cap,blue hoop
Handler: Finn, Eamonn
Expresso Man, 2012 g b by Spadoun (FR) - Le Benz, Island (F)
Rooney, Connie - GREEN; green,yellow seams sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: Brennan, J.P.
Eyesopenwideawake, 2011 g b by Stowaway (GB) - Namesake (GB), Killinick (H)
Roche, John O. - GREY,red hoop; red,grey seams sleeves; grey cap,red star
Handler: Codd, W.F.