Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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Eager To Know, 2010 g b by Sayarshan (FR) - Drew, Co.Galway(F)
Hogan, Miss Sarah - BLACK; pink, plain sleeves; green cap
Handler: Lee, Norman
Eala Beag, 2006 f b by Wareed - Little Nancy, Duhallow (F)
McGrath, Jacqueline - RED,black chevrons; black,red stars sleeves; black cap,red stars
Handler: Archdeacon, L.J.
Earls Fort, 2010 g b by Kalanisi - Lillando, Bree (F)
Roche, Mrs Ann - PURPLE,white cross of lorraine; purple, plain sleeves; purple & white hooped cap
Handler: Bowe, Colin
Early And Often, 2007 g b by Revoque - Smart Approach, Coolnakilla (H)
Hayes, Mary M. - DARK GREEN,yellow hoop; yellow, plain sleeves; yellow cap,green star
Handler: Barry, Michael
Easter Bonnie, 2009 f b by Milan (GB) - Cullian (GB), United Hunt (F)
O'Donovan, Anna - ROYAL BLUE,yellow chevron; royal blue,yellow striped sleeves; royal blue & yellow hooped cap
Handler: Sheehan, James G.
Easter In Paris, 2009 f b by Bienamado (USA) - Easter Saturday, Coolnakilla (H)
Tynan Phelan, Mary - WHITE & RED DIAMONDS; red sleeves; white & red hooped cap
Handler: Burke, W. J.
Easton Express, 2009 g ch by Flemensfirth (USA) - Wyndham Roberta, Kildare (F)
Harte, Alan - DARK BLUE,white star; dark blue,white stars sleeves; dark blue cap,white star
Handler: Burke, Fabian P.
Easyondeye, 2006 g b by Beneficial (GB) - Lady of Appeal, Tipperary (F)
Ryan, Terry - LIGHT GREEN,pink star; light green, plain sleeves; pink cap
Handler: Prendergast, D E
Ebbison, 2007 g b by Kadeed - Ebony Flyer, United Hunt (F)
Healy, P.J. - BLACK,red sash; black sleeves; black & yellow qtd cap
Handler: Healy, P.J.
Ebony Hope, 2006 f b by Beneficial (GB) - In Blue, Coolnakilla (H)
O'Leary, Patrick - BROWN,orange epaulettes; orange, plain sleeves; brown cap,orange star
Handler: Rice, William
Ecsalady, 2009 f b by Bienamado (USA) - Good Times Ahead, Donegal (H)
McClean, Frank - WHITE,green star; white,green striped sleeves; white cap,green diamonds
Handler: Cairns, Jason
Eddies Pearl, 2010 f b by Craigsteel (GB) - Florida Bay, Killinick (H)
O'Leary, Adrian D. - PURPLE; purple, plain sleeves; purple cap,white star
Handler: O'Leary, Adrian D.
Effernock Lad, 2009 g ch by Generous - Drumcay Polly, Kildare (F)
Keane, Esther - DARK BLUE,pink diamond; dark blue, plain sleeves; pink cap,dark blue diamonds
Handler: Keane, Gerard
Eileen Aroon, 2008 f b by King's Theatre - Galvina (FR), Bree (F)
Anthony Kearns & Ronan Tynan - YELLOW; yellow,purple diamond sleeves; yellow cap,purple diamond
Handler: Bowe, Colin
Eirewanda, 2009 f b by Rakti (GB) - Galitizine (USA), Newry (H)
Murphy, Maeve - WHITE,royal blue chevrons; royal blue sleeves; royal blue cap
Handler: McGahan, Holly
El'amber, 2007 g ch by Great Palm (USA) - Lunar Approach, Island (F)
Doyle, Hugh - RED,white epaulettes; white, plain sleeves; white & red hooped cap
Handler: Doyle, Hugh
Elanamie Citizen, 2008 g b by Dr Massini - Doneraile Parke, Duhallow (F)
O'Sullivan, Eugene M. - BLUE & YELLOW QTD; blue sleeves; yellow cap,blue hoop
Handler: O'Sullivan, Eugene M.
Elektra King, 2007 f b by Milan (GB) - Flawless Finish, Kilkenny(F)
Dwan, John P. - BLACK & ORANGE HLVD; black,orange hooped sleeves; black cap
Handler: Sunderland, M.P.
Elembridge King, 2005 g b by Insatiable - Ballerina April, Killinick (H)
Connick, Sean - EMERALD GREEN & YELLOW HLVD; emerald green, plain sleeves; emerald green & yellow striped cap
Handler: Walsh, John Martin
Elephant Island, 2007 f b by Oscar - Native Endurance, Killeady (H)
Twohig, Fergus - WHITE,light green star; white,light green stars sleeves; white cap,red star
Handler: Twohig, Mrs Mary
Elfego Baca, 2009 g br by Kalanisi - Lady Padivor, Duhallow (F)
Dunphy, Sharon - WHITE & RED CHECK; red sleeves; red & white qtd cap
Handler: Dunphy, Sharon
Elizasarahday, 2008 f ch by Sandmason (GB) - Bold Shilling, Bray (H)
Hughes, John E. - ROYAL BLUE & RED HLVD; royal blue,red reversed sleeves; royal blue cap
Handler: Hughes, John E.
Ellan Jo, 2006 f br by Milan (GB) - Forever Endeavour, Island (F)
Sinnott, Eamonn - EMERALD GREEN,yellow sash; emerald green, plain sleeves; red cap
Handler: Sinnott, Eamonn
Ellieod, 2010 f b by Asian Heights (GB) - Brennanonthemoor, Duhallow (F)
Fitzpatrick, Cornelius F. - RED; white sleeves; white cap,red star
Handler: Harding, Miss M.
Elm Lee, 2005 g gr by Close Conflict (USA) - Murtys Pride, Suir Vale (H)
Condon, John L. - ORANGE,purple diamond; orange,purple chevrons sleeves; orange cap
Handler: Whelan, Maria
Elmbridge Squire, 2007 g b by Insatiable - Kitty John, Killinick (H)
Masonaires Partnership - PURPLE & ORANGE STRIPES; purple,orange striped sleeves; purple & orange striped cap
Handler: Walsh, John Martin
Elusive Timmy, 2008 g b by Hawk Wing (USA) - Blossom World, Premier (H)
Casey, Sean - MAROON,blue hoop; blue sleeves; blue cap,maroon hoop
Handler: Stewart, George
Emeralds Choice, 2009 g b by Portrait Gallery - Beelitz, United Hunt (F)
Beamish, Christy - BLUE,orange panel; orange, plain sleeves; blue cap
Handler: Beamish, J.
Emerging Force, 2010 g b by Milan (GB) - Danette (GER), United Hunt (F)
Mangan, Mary - PURPLE & YELLOW HOOPS; purple,yellow hooped sleeves; white cap
Handler: Mangan, James Joseph
Emily's Flame, 2008 g br by Oscar - Hamer's Last, Duhallow (F)
Farrell, Edward - LIGHT BLUE; light blue,dark blue hooped sleeves; light blue cap
Handler: Brassil, John
Emily's Garden, 2006 f b br by Blueprint - Macial, Coolnakilla (H)
O'Brien, Sean O. - RED; blue, plain sleeves; black & white qtd cap
Handler: O'Brien, Sean O.
Emily's Pet, 2008 f ch by Gamut - Henni Bay, Fingal (H)
White, Patrick Anthony - YELLOW,purple chevrons; yellow sleeves; yellow & purple striped cap
Handler: Keeling, Jim
Emilyano, 2004 f bl by Busy Flight (GB) - Hurricane Heron, United Hunt (F)
O'Keeffe, Timothy - LIGHT GREEN,yellow disc; yellow sleeves; light green cap,yellow spots
Handler: O'Keeffe, Timothy
Emkae, 2008 g b by Milan (GB) - Hindi (FR), Dungarvan (H)
Beresford, Raymond - RED & GREEN HLVD; red,green reversed sleeves; red & green hooped cap
Handler: Beresford, Raymond
Emmas Rainbow, 2007 f b by Winged Love - Halens Match, Tynan & Armagh(H)
McConville, Michael - RED & WHITE STRIPES; red, plain sleeves; white cap
Handler: McConville, Stephen
Emperor Arcadius, 2009 g b by Arcadio (GER) - La Lucilla, Tipperary (F)
Hickey, Roisin - ROYAL BLUE & RED QTD; royal blue,red hlvd sleeves; red cap
Handler: Hickey, Roisin
Empty The Tank, 2010 g b by Lawman (FR) - Asian Alliance, Killinick (H)
Codd, W.F. - LIGHT BLUE,black cross belts; light blue, plain sleeves; black cap
Handler: Codd, W.F.
Enbarr Of Mannan, 2008 g b by Beneficial (GB) - Porter Tastes Nice, Waterford (F)
Halley, Deborah - WHITE,black spots; white sleeves; black & gold qtd cap
Handler: Halley, V.L.
Enemy Engagement, 2008 g ch by Desert King - Lovely Pride, Iveagh (H)
McAlinden, Darren - BLACK,red hollow box; black,red armlet sleeves; red cap
Handler: Creswell, Jonathan
Enniskillen, 2005 g b by Witness Box (USA) - First of April, Kildare (F)
Weld, Albert - LIGHT BLUE; pink, plain sleeves; royal blue cap,white spots
Handler: Maher, Peter
Enoch Wriggle, 2008 g b by Darsi (FR) - Accountancy Lady (GB), Cloyne (H)
Maria Hinfelaar & Aileen Sloane Lee - BLACK,pink sash; black,pink seams sleeves; black cap,pink stars
Handler: Lee, Andrew
Entry To Evrywhere, 2008 g b by Exit To Nowhere (USA) - Killowen Pam, Stonehall (H)
Cregan, James - YELLOW,black cross of lorraine; yellow,black striped sleeves; red cap
Handler: Cregan, James
Epic Warrior, 2009 g b by Brian Boru (GB) - Deise Dreamer, Carlow Farmers (F)
Langan, Natasha - DARK BLUE,pink large spots; dark blue sleeves; pink cap
Handler: Murphy, William P.
Epoisses, 2009 g b by Presenting (GB) - Feathard Lady, Mid-Antrim (H)
Ferguson, Mrs J.K. - WHITE,blue panel; white, plain sleeves; blue & red check cap
Handler: Ferguson, I. R.
Errigal Princess, 2007 f b by Alderbrook (GB) - Definite Stop, Co.Galway(F)
Connolly, Francis - LIGHT BLUE,maroon diabolo; light blue,maroon diabolo sleeves; black cap
Handler: Connolly, Francis
Escapefromthedark, 2009 f ch by Basanta - Foxcroft Girl, Galtee (H)
O'Neill, Paul R. - ORANGE,black disc; orange,black spots sleeves; orange & black hooped cap
Handler: Purcell, Kieran
Esta Roche, 2007 f ch by Pilsudski - Falika (FR), Carlow Farmers (F)
Kavanagh, Andrew - GREEN,white hoop; green sleeves; green cap
Handler: McLernon, William J.
Esthers Present, 2010 g br by Presenting (GB) - Miss Esther (GER), Coolnakilla (H)
Cashman, Catherine - ROYAL BLUE,beige hoop; beige, plain sleeves; royal blue & beige hooped cap
Handler: Cashman, P.
Ethan Edwards, 2009 g b by Exit To Nowhere (USA) - La Principal, Kildare (F)
Keane, Esther - DARK BLUE,pink diamond; dark blue, plain sleeves; pink cap,dark blue diamonds
Handler: Keane, Gerard
Euro Chaser, 2008 f b by Zerpour - The Brown Dove, Killinick (H)
Day, James - GREEN,brown star; green, plain sleeves; white cap,brown star
Handler: Day, Dermot
Euro Court, 2007 g b by Court Cave - Vanished, Co.Galway(F)
Rabbitte, John - MAROON,white diamond; white, plain sleeves; white cap
Handler: O'Connor, Paurick
Eurourmrlucky, 2007 g b by Classic Cliche - Lasca Creek, Aghabullogue (H)
Cully, Emma - LIGHT BLUE,red cross of lorraine; light blue, plain sleeves; green cap
Handler: Cully, G.
Eva's Idea, 2008 g ch by Indian River (FR) - Reptar, Duhallow (F)
Duggan, Donncha - BLACK,red diamond; black,red chevrons sleeves; black & red striped cap
Handler: Duggan, Donncha
Everest, 2009 g b by Mountain High - Rowlands Star, Duhallow (F)
Buckley, Joe - WHITE,red triple diamond; white,red hlvd sleeves; white & red qtd cap
Handler: O'Sullivan, Eugene M.
Everythings Rosie, 2008 f ch by Sandmason (GB) - Supreme Troglodyte, Coolnakilla (H)
Hallihan, John - DARK GREEN,yellow hoop; yellow, plain sleeves; dark green cap,yellow star
Handler: Barry, Michael
Ewings, 2010 g b by Mahler (GB) - Fine Wings, East Antrim (H)
Ewing, Warren - PINK & YELLOW CHECK; pink, plain sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: Ewing, Warren
Executive Prince, 2010 g bl by Presenting (GB) - Callanagh Pride, Premier (H)
Slattery, Mrs Sharon - ROYAL BLUE,yellow hollow box; royal blue,yellow armlet sleeves; royal blue cap
Handler: Slattery, Andrew
Exhibit Five, 2008 g ch by Great Exhibition (USA) - Five of Hearts, South County Dublin(H)
Leigh, John - YELLOW,royal blue cross belts; royal blue, plain sleeves; royal blue cap
Handler: Dempsey, J.P.
Eye Of Horus, 2009 g b by Heron Island - Sabang (GB), Bree (F)
Cosgrave, Niall - EMERALD GREEN,yellow star; yellow sleeves; emerald green cap,yellow star
Handler: Doyle, Donnchadh