Thursday, October 23, 2014
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I Hear A Symphony, 2002 g b by Accordion - Annilogs Daughter, Tynan & Armagh (H)
McConville, Michael - RED & WHITE STRIPES; red, plain sleeves; white cap
Handler: McConville, Stephen
I Shadow, 2009 f b by Morozov (USA) - Clowater Princess, South Union (F)
O'Mahony, Dermot - ROYAL BLUE,red stars; royal blue,red stars sleeves; royal blue cap,red star
Handler: O'Shaughnessy, John
I Wonder Why, 2007 g br by Publisher (USA) - Wondering Lady, Killinick (H)
Devereux, James - WHITE,green sash; white, plain sleeves; red cap
Handler: Devereux, Vincent
Ice Ice Baby (GB), 2009 f b by Iceman (GB) - Evasive Quality (FR), Kildare (F)
O'Regan, Carmel - YELLOW,green hoop; yellow,green armlet sleeves; black cap
Handler: Oakes, Frank
Illusion Of Time, 2008 g b by St Jovite (USA) - Time On My Side, Tynan & Armagh(H)
Watson, Exors of late Rodney J. - TANGERINE,green chevron; tangerine sleeves; tangerine & green qtd cap
Handler: Watson, Marshall
Imperial Oscar, 2008 g b by Oscar - Athy Princess, Killinick (H)
Drew, William - RED,white inverted triangle; red,white spots sleeves; red cap
Handler: Codd, W.F.
In The Tub, 2009 g b by Kutub - County Classic (GB), Co.Galway(F)
Cullinane, M.O. - MAROON,white triple diamond; maroon sleeves; maroon & white striped cap
Handler: Cullinane, M.O.
Inchcolm, 2010 g br by Presenting (GB) - Rose of Inchiquin, Mid-Antrim (H)
Bartlett, R.A. - NAVY & WHITE DIAMONDS; white, plain sleeves; red cap
Handler: Ferguson, I. R.
Inchiquin All Star, 2010 g b by Definite Article (GB) - Inchiquin Princess, Island (F)
Byrne, Maria - ORANGE,white epaulettes; white, plain sleeves; orange cap,white star
Handler: Murphy, Denis Paul
Inchiquin High, 2009 f b by Mountain High - Inchiquin Supreme, Dungarvan Farmers (F)
Kiely, Richard - YELLOW,royal blue braces; yellow,royal blue chevrons sleeves; yellow & royal blue striped cap
Handler: Kiely, Paul Stephen
Indian Temple, 2009 g b by Indian River (FR) - Ballycraggan, United Hunt (F)
O'Connell, Mrs Margaret - GREEN,pink cross belts; green, plain sleeves; green cap
Handler: O'Connell, Paul
Indy Five, 2010 g b by Vertical Speed (FR) - Beesplease, Tipperary (F)
O'Byrne, Roger - MAROON; yellow sleeves; maroon cap,yellow spots
Handler: Doyle, P.M.J.
Infantry Soldier, 2010 g b by Primary (USA) - Kilmac Princess, East Antrim (H)
Ewing, Warren - PINK & YELLOW CHECK; pink sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: Ewing, Warren
Infrontofthejudge, 2009 g b by Clerkenwell (USA) - Judicial Audience, Donegal (H)
Abernethy, Martin - MAROON,royal blue stars; maroon sleeves; maroon cap,yellow stars
Handler: Lambe, J.J.
Inish Royal, 2010 g b by Royal Anthem (USA) - Lost It, Nore Vale (H)
Doyle, Thomas J. - EMERALD GREEN,red diamond; emerald green sleeves; emerald green cap,red diamond
Handler: Doyle, Thomas J.
Irish Mustard (GB), 2010 g b by Kayf Tara (GB) - French Spice (GB), Tipperary (F)
Colville, Grainne - EMERALD GREEN,white cross belts; yellow, plain sleeves; white cap,emerald green star
Handler: Colville, P.J.
Island Master, 2009 g b by Turtle Island - Winged Rocket, United Hunt (F)
Murphy, Thomas William - ROYAL BLUE,yellow star; royal blue, plain sleeves; royal blue cap,yellow star
Handler: Burke, W. J.
Isourbell, 2002 f b by Executive Perk - Swept Aside, West Waterford (F)
Aherne, Sean - MAUVE,white hoop; mauve,white armlet sleeves; mauve cap,white star
Handler: Aherne, Sean
Isthatthetruth, 2010 g b by Kalanisi - Juresse, Bree (F)
Latta, R.C.A. - BLACK,gold hoop; gold, plain sleeves; gold cap
Handler: Latta, Andrew
Its A Journey, 2009 g b by Zerpour - The Brown Dove, Killinick (H)
Murphy, Michael R. - RED & WHITE QTD; white, plain sleeves; blue & red check cap
Handler: Murphy, Ashleigh
Its Sorted, 2004 g b by Witness Box (USA) - Two Choices, Kildare (F)
Moore, Joseph C. - RED,emerald green inverted triangle; red, plain sleeves; red cap,emerald green spots
Handler: Murray, Adrian
Itsnothingpersonal, 2010 g b by Beneficial (GB) - Savu Sea, Tipperary (F)
O'Grady, Jonathan - MAROON & LIGHT BLUE STRIPES; maroon,light blue striped sleeves; maroon cap
Handler: O'Grady, E. J.