Wednesday, February 10, 2016
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Wackeen, 2009 g br by Zagreb (USA) - Natural Light, Bree (F)
McCabe, M.M. - WHITE,emerald green spots; emerald green sleeves; emerald green cap
Handler: McCabe, Moses
Walk And Talk, 2007 g b by Carroll House - Samantha Ceva, Kildare (F)
Heffernan, Felix - PRIMROSE,blue collar & cuffs; primrose,blue hooped sleeves; blue cap
Handler: Heffernan, Felix
Wan Cool Dude, 2011 g b by Gamut - According To Noel, Killeady (H)
Hanley, Noel - ROYAL BLUE & WHITE CHECK; royal blue, plain sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: Tynan, Brendan
Warlike Intent, 2012 g ch by Stowaway (GB) - Native Mistress, Westmeath (F)
Gigginstown House Stud - MAROON,white star; maroon,white armlet sleeves; maroon cap,white star
Handler: Doyle, P.M.J.
Watyawaitingfor, 2011 g b by September Storm (GER) - Hollymead, Killultagh, Old Rock & Chichester (H)
Armstrong, R.J. - YELLOW & ROYAL BLUE QTD; yellow, plain sleeves; royal blue cap,white spots
Handler: Barry, Eoin G.
Way Back Then, 2011 g b by Robin des Champs (FR) - Ashwell Lady, Co.Galway(F)
Costello, John J - YELLOW,royal blue hoop; yellow,royal blue hooped sleeves; royal blue cap,yellow stars
Handler: Costello, John J
Wayupinthebox, 2010 g b by Witness Box (USA) - Ellenmae Rose, West Waterford (F)
O'Keeffe, Dr Joseph - BROWN,red sash; brown sleeves; red cap
Handler: O'Keeffe, Dr Joseph
Wee Small Hours, 2009 g b by Millkom (GB) - Avro's Air, Oriel (H)
The Bago Syndicate - RED & WHITE & YELLOW STRIPES; blue sleeves; blue cap,yellow spots
Handler: Rice, Michael
Well Above Par, 2012 g b by Gold Well (GB) - Glynn Glory, Island (F)
Monbeg Syndicate - EMERALD GREEN,orange spots; white,orange spots sleeves; emerald green cap
Handler: Doyle, Sean Thomas
Well Joey, 2011 g b by Kayf Tara (GB) - Penny Queen (GB), East Antrim (H)
Crawford, S.R.B. - LIGHT BLUE,navy seams; light blue sleeves; light blue cap,purple star
Handler: Crawford, S.R.B.
Well Seasoned (GB), 2009 g b by Doyen - French Spice (GB), Tipperary (F)
Ryan, Terry - LIGHT GREEN,pink star; light green, plain sleeves; pink cap
Handler: Prendergast, D E
Wells Gold, 2011 g b by Gold Well (GB) - Exit Baby, Tipperary (F)
Prendergast, Thomas J. - ROYAL BLUE,yellow star; yellow sleeves; royal blue cap
Handler: Prendergast, D E
West Class, 2011 g b by Westerner (GB) - Catch The Class, United Hunt (F)
Cremin, Mary - LIGHT GREEN; light green, plain sleeves; light blue & light green hooped cap
Handler: Ahern, Denis
West Cork Golan, 2009 g b by Golan - Shuil Mandy, Carbery (F)
Fernhill Tower Syndicate - WHITE,red chevrons; white,red stars sleeves; white cap,red stars
Handler: Dullea, James Daniel
West Lake (FR), 2010 g b by Michel Georges (GB) - Darnaway (FR), Carbery (F)
Murphys Law Partnership - BLUE,white star; blue,white chevrons sleeves; white cap,blue star
Handler: Stanners, Edward
West To Crossgales, 2011 g b by Westerner (GB) - Mooreshill Bay, Killinick (H)
Roche, Jenny - LIGHT BLUE & LIGHT GREEN DIAMONDS; light blue sleeves; light blue cap,light green diamonds
Handler: Roche, Jenny
West Torr, 2011 g br by Scorpion - Native Craft, Mid-Antrim (H)
Ferguson, Mrs J.K. - WHITE,blue panel; white, plain sleeves; blue & red check cap
Handler: Ferguson, I. R.
Westendorf, 2011 g b by Coroner - Two of Each, Cloyne (H)
Motherway, David J. - RED & BLACK HOOPS; red, plain sleeves; red cap
Handler: Motherway, J.
Western Assault, 2011 g b by Westerner (GB) - Charming Mo, Bree (F)
Cloke, Thomas - ROYAL BLUE,white seams; royal blue,white seams sleeves; white cap,blue star
Handler: Bowe, Colin
Western Climate, 2009 g b by Westerner (GB) - Jo Peeks, Island (F)
Brennan, Marie - GREEN; green,yellow seams sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: Brennan, J.P.
Western Leader, 2004 g b by Stowaway (GB) - Western Whisper, Kildare (F)
Connell, Barry - YELLOW,dark blue sash; yellow, plain sleeves; dark blue cap,yellow star
Handler: Fleming, Alan
Western Man, 2007 g b by Westerner (GB) - Divine Prospect, Coolnakilla (H)
O'Leary, Patrick - BLACK,red epaulettes; red sleeves; red cap,black spots
Handler: O'Leary, Patrick
Western Queen, 2009 f b by Westerner (GB) - Eternal Lady, Co.Clare (H)
Hassett, Patrick J. F. - RED & WHITE QTD; red sleeves; white cap,red star
Handler: Hassett, Patrick J. F.
Wet Monday, 2011 f b by Gold Well (GB) - Misty Monday, Island (F)
Byrne, Aidan - ORANGE,white cross belts; orange, plain sleeves; orange cap
Handler: Murphy, Denis Paul
What's Not To Love, 2011 f b by Mountain High - Roses For My Lady (USA), Coolnakilla (H)
Casey, Liam G. - BLACK & WHITE HOOPS; black,white hooped sleeves; red cap,white star
Handler: Burke, W. J.
Whatduhavtoget, 2012 f b by Presenting (GB) - Smooching, Bree (F)
Milestone Racing Partnership - BLACK; black sleeves; green cap
Handler: Bowe, Colin
Whats In It For Me, 2011 f b by Flemensfirth (USA) - Very Presenting (GB), Killeady (H)
All the Hens Syndicate - RED,yellow cross of lorraine; red, plain sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: Tyner, Robert
Whatsinmilan, 2011 g b by Milan (GB) - Kelseys Dream, Duhallow (F)
O'Donoghue, John Stephen - WHITE,dark blue sash; dark blue sleeves; dark blue cap
Handler: Linehan, Eddie
Where's Granny, 2007 f b by Traditionally (USA) - Adeeba, Killinick (H)
The Bargy & Friends Syndicate - MAUVE,pink stars; pink sleeves; mauve cap,pink stars
Handler: Doyle, Brendan J.
Whinstone Dee, 2008 g ch by Desert King - Deemiss, East Down (F)
McCann, Eamon - BLUE; blue,orange striped sleeves; orange cap
Handler: McCann, Eamon
Whipcord, 2011 g gr by Tikkanen (USA) - Dapples, Iveagh (H)
Kilpatrick, B.A. - EMERALD GREEN; emerald green,red hooped sleeves; emerald green & red qtd cap
Handler: Cosgrave, J.G.
White Lilac, 2011 f b by Westerner (GB) - Strawberry Lane, Limerick (H)
Creed, Michael - ORANGE,black chevron; black, plain sleeves; orange & black qtd cap
Handler: Casey, J.E.
White Socks, 2009 g b by Millenary (GB) - Valparisa (FR), Kilmoganny (F)
Allen, M.M. - WHITE,red star; white,red stars sleeves; white & red qtd cap
Handler: O'Brien, David M.
Whole Nine Yards, 2007 g b by Gamut - Sonnys Girl, Kildare (F)
Cullen, Mrs A.M. - PURPLE,gold stars; purple,gold stars sleeves; purple cap,gold stars
Handler: Cullen, Denis W.
Whoyakodding (GB), 2011 g b by Beat All (USA) - Susie Bury (GB), United Hunt (F)
Gubbins, Marie - YELLOW & BLACK QTD; yellow,black hlvd sleeves; black cap
Handler: Ahern, Garrett J.
Whyso, 2010 f b by Turtle Island - Mywayornoway, Co.Limerick (F)
Stack, Stephen Gerard - GREEN,yellow cross of lorraine; green,yellow stars sleeves; green cap,yellow star
Handler: Hourigan, Michael P.
Wicker Park (FR), 2003 g b by Galileo - Green Field Park (GB), Fingal (H)
Beggan, Brian P. - ROYAL BLUE & EMERALD GREEN STRIPES; royal blue sleeves; royal blue cap
Handler: O'Neill, Thomas
Wicklow Head, 2011 f b by Morozov (USA) - Micks Kicks, Island (F)
O'Neill, James J. - RED,white hoop; white, plain sleeves; red cap,white star
Handler: Fitzgerald, Aidan
Wilkie Collins, 2010 g b by Millenary (GB) - Dame Edith, Kilmoganny (F)
Quirk, Gerard - SALMON PINK,dark green hoop; salmon pink,dark green armlet sleeves; salmon pink cap,dark green hoop
Handler: Quirk, Gerard
Willflywontsink, 2011 f gr by Winged Love - Titanic Quarter, East Down (F)
Murphy, Thomas Ennis - WHITE & RED STRIPES; purple,red stars sleeves; purple cap,red stars
Handler: Hamilton, B.R.
Willie Boy, 2011 g b by Tikkanen (USA) - Pandora's Moon, Nore Vale (H)
McAuley, Claire - BLACK & YELLOW STRIPES; yellow, plain sleeves; black cap,yellow star
Handler: Griffin, Eoin
Willwehaveone, 2010 f b by Millenary (GB) - Hip Bohn, North Tipperary (F)
Gleeson, Mortimer - EMERALD GREEN,yellow cross of lorraine; emerald green,yellow diabolo sleeves; emerald green & yellow qtd cap
Handler: Webb, George
Wilms Warrior, 2011 f b by Dubai Destination (USA) - Silver Skirt, Premier (H)
Murray Family Syndicate - BLACK,red hoop; black sleeves; royal blue cap
Handler: Slattery, Andrew
Winters Day, 2009 g b by Dushyantor (USA) - Hazel's Glory, Co.Galway(F)
Hogan, Miss Sarah - BLACK; pink, plain sleeves; green cap
Handler: Lee, Norman
Winters Dreame, 2006 f b by Close Conflict (USA) - Miss Lord, Derrygallon (H)
Foran, Eamon - EMERALD GREEN,brown spots; emerald green,brown spots sleeves; emerald green & brown qtd cap
Handler: Winters, Michael
Wish Ye Didnt, 2009 f b by Oscar - Catchereye, Co.Limerick (F)
McManus, J.P. - EMERALD GREEN & ORANGE HOOPS; emerald green,orange hooped sleeves; white cap
Handler: Bolger, Enda
Wishicould, 2011 f br by Asian Heights (GB) - Dark Wish, Killinick (H)
Berry, Benny - WHITE & DARK BLUE CHECK; white sleeves; white cap,dark blue star
Handler: Berry, Shirley
Withaheartandahalf, 2011 f b by Beneficial (GB) - Porter Tastes Nice, Carlow Farmers (F)
Murphy, William P. - BLUE,white cross belts; blue sleeves; blue & white hooped cap
Handler: Murphy, William P.
Wither Or Not, 2010 g ch by Saffron Walden (FR) - Stage Debut, East Down (F)
Vaughan, Gillian - DARK BLUE,emerald green chevron; dark blue, plain sleeves; dark blue cap,emerald green star
Handler: Hamilton, B.R.
Witness Cant State (FR), 2011 g ch by Nickname (FR) - Sweet Coronation, Kildare (F)
Dwyer, Jane M. - ROYAL BLUE,orange cross belts; orange sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: Brassil, Martin
Wonderoftheworld, 2012 g b by Beneficial (GB) - Our Lucky Supreme, Island (F)
Brennan, Marie - GREEN; green,yellow seams sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: Brennan, J.P.
Woodfort (GB), 2012 g gr by Dalakhani - Akdara, Mid-Antrim (H)
Dennison, W.W. - BLACK & WHITE QTD; black,white hlvd sleeves; white cap
Handler: McKeever, Colin S.
Wrong Choice, 2007 g ch by Well Chosen (GB) - Miss Eagle, Lismore (H)
The Wrong Choice Syndicate - BLUE & WHITE STRIPES; blue sleeves; blue cap
Handler: Hennessy, Niall
Wrongful Writ, 2010 g b by Westerner (GB) - Cailins Honour, Tipperary (F)
Stokes, Anna - WHITE,black seams; white,red hlvd sleeves; red cap
Handler: Stokes, N.