Saturday, November 29, 2014
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Wade Harper, 2010 g b by Westerner (GB) - Nosie Betty, United Hunt (F)
Rebel Time Syndicate - PURPLE,grey sash; purple sleeves; grey cap,purple star
Handler: Tyner, Robert
Walden, 2007 g b by Winged Love - Huncheon Siss, Mid-Antrim (H)
Bartlett, R.A. - NAVY & WHITE DIAMONDS; white, plain sleeves; red cap
Handler: Ferguson, I. R.
Waltz Legend, 2006 f b by Flying Legend (USA) - Vienna Waltz, Donegal (H)
Delany, Mr. Niall - BLACK,gold sash; black, plain sleeves; gold cap
Handler: Lennon, Liam
Washington Lady, 2010 f b by Beneficial (GB) - Ashdale Lark, Island (F)
Monbeg Syndicate - EMERALD GREEN,orange spots; white,orange spots sleeves; emerald green cap
Handler: Doyle, Donnchadh
Wayupinthesky, 2007 g gr by Cloudings - Riancoir Alainn, West Waterford (F)
O'Keeffe, Dr Joseph - BROWN,red sash; brown sleeves; red cap
Handler: O'Keeffe, Dr Joseph
Wee Dreamer, 2006 f b by Tikkanen (USA) - Live The Dream (GB), Mid-Antrim (H)
Brown Kerr, James - RED,yellow panel; yellow, plain sleeves; red cap,yellow star
Handler: Brown Kerr, Robert
Welcome Bach, 2009 g ch by Bach - Massini's Daughter, West Waterford (F)
Allen, Sarah - BLUE,yellow hoop; blue, plain sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: Tobin, Alan
Wellywoman, 2009 f b by Millenary (GB) - Ballin Lock, Kildare (F)
Kerley, Fiacre - BEIGE,brown seams; brown,beige seams sleeves; brown cap
Handler: Maher, Peter
Wemayaswell, 2008 g b by Publisher (USA) - Gothtobegood, Killinick (H)
Devereux, James - WHITE,green sash; white, plain sleeves; red cap
Handler: Devereux, Vincent
West Cork Fox, 2009 f ch by Flemensfirth (USA) - Parkdota, Carbery (F)
Fernhill Tower Syndicate - WHITE,red chevrons; white,red stars sleeves; white cap,red stars
Handler: O'Leary, Thomas
West Legend, 2008 f b by Westerner (GB) - Fu's Legend, Carlow Farmers (F)
Murphy, William P. - BLUE,white cross belts; blue sleeves; blue & white hooped cap
Handler: Murphy, William P.
West Ship Master, 2004 g b by Oscar - Lady Of Aherlow, Bray (H)
Kirwin, Arnold - YELLOW,emerald green hoop; yellow,emerald green armlet sleeves; red cap
Handler: Dobbs, Mrs Prunella
Western Bay Beauty, 2010 f b by Westerner (GB) - Beautiful World, East Clare (H)
O'Leary, Vicky - BROWN,orange epaulettes; orange, plain sleeves; brown cap,orange star
Handler: O'Leary, Ronald
Western Climate, 2009 g b by Westerner (GB) - Jo Peeks, Island (F)
Brennan, Marie - GREEN; green,yellow seams sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: Brennan, J.P.
Western Home, 2010 f br by Kalanisi - Western Road (GER), Carlow Farmers (F)
Burroughs, Raymond E. - EMERALD GREEN & RED QTD; emerald green,red hlvd sleeves; red cap
Handler: Fitzgerald, Aidan
Western Island, 2003 g b by Turtle Island - Lady Of The West, Meath (F)
Griffin, Layla R. - WHITE,light blue star; white,light blue stars sleeves; white cap,light blue star
Handler: Murphy, William P.
Western Leader, 2004 g b by Stowaway (GB) - Western Whisper, Kildare (F)
Connell, Barry - YELLOW,dark blue sash; yellow, plain sleeves; dark blue cap,yellow star
Handler: Fleming, Alan
Westren Warrior, 2009 g b by Westerner (GB) - Charming Leader, Kildare (F)
Reynolds, Frank - BLACK,white stars; black, plain sleeves; black cap,white stars
Handler: Howard, Aidan Anthony
What A Moment, 2010 g b by Milan (GB) - Cuiloge Lady, Killinick (H)
Codd, W.J. - LIGHT BLUE,black cross belts; light blue, plain sleeves; black cap
Handler: Codd, W.F.
What Happens Now, 2009 g b by Dr Massini - Euro Burden, Limerick (H)
Riordan, John - WHITE,royal blue sash; white sleeves; white cap,royal blue diamond
Handler: O'Connor, Paurick
Whats On The Menu, 2004 g ch by Anshan - Leading Dream, Killinick (H)
Berry, Mrs Joan - ROYAL BLUE & WHITE CHECK; white, plain sleeves; white cap
Handler: Berry, J.A.
Whistler Bay, 2008 g br by Flemensfirth (USA) - Glamour Girl (GB), West Waterford (F)
Whisler Bay Syndicate - EMERALD GREEN,black hollow box; emerald green,black armlet sleeves; emerald green & black striped cap
Handler: Budds, D K
Whos De Baby, 2008 g gr by Bienamado (USA) - Beaus Rose, Killeady (H)
Duggan, Curley - BLACK & WHITE QTD; black,white chevrons sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: Tyner, Robert
Whostalkinnow, 2008 g b by Moscow Society (USA) - Manhattan Catch, Co.Clare (H)
Reynolds, Joan - MAROON,light blue panel; light blue,maroon armlet sleeves; light blue cap
Handler: Walsh, Paul
Wildfield Mist, 2007 f br by Flemensfirth (USA) - Norgayle, North Kilkenny (F)
Kinsella, Michael Gerard - EMERALD GREEN,red hoop; emerald green,red hooped sleeves; white cap
Handler: Murphy, William P.
Wilsaviour, 2006 g b by Close Conflict (USA) - Delmiano, Westmeath (F)
Clifford, Kathleen - ROYAL BLUE & YELLOW CHECK; red sleeves; red cap
Handler: Duggan, Paul
Wind Of Hope, 2009 g b by September Storm (GER) - Ciara's Run, Co.Galway(F)
Cullinane, M.O. - MAROON,white triple diamond; maroon sleeves; maroon & white striped cap
Handler: Cullinane, M.O.
Windy Island, 2009 g b by Heron Island - Forest Imp, Shillelagh & District (F)
Kenny, Michael - YELLOW,black chevron; yellow,black spots sleeves; yellow & black qtd cap
Handler: Roche, Kieran
Windy Millie, 2007 f ch by Flemensfirth (USA) - Windy Bee, Premier (H)
Kiely, John P. - YELLOW,royal blue sash; yellow,royal blue hlvd sleeves; royal blue cap
Handler: Widger, Robert
Windy Writer, 2010 g b br by Rudimentary (USA) - Hardabout, Killinick (H)
Murphy, Michael R. - RED & WHITE QTD; white, plain sleeves; blue & red check cap
Handler: Murphy, Ashleigh
Winged Express, 2009 g b by Winged Love - Zaffaran Express, Duhallow (F)
Michelle Archdeacon & Roisin Sherrard - LIGHT GREEN,yellow sash; light green sleeves; light green cap,yellow star
Handler: Archdeacon, L.J.
Wings Attract, 2009 g b by Winged Love - Huncheon Siss, Kilmoganny (F)
Splaine, Jean - ORANGE,blue hoop; orange,blue armlet sleeves; black cap
Handler: Horgan, Trevor
Winola (GB), 2010 f ch by Lucarno (USA) - Wolnai (GB), Kilkenny(F)
McEnery, John E. - YELLOW; yellow,royal blue check sleeves; yellow & royal blue check cap
Handler: Doyle, Timothy
Winter Garden, 2009 g b by Dushyantor (USA) - Flower Drum (FR), Muskerry (F)
Murphy, John Joseph - WHITE,dark green diamond; white,dark green diamonds sleeves; white cap,dark green diamonds
Handler: Murphy, John Joseph
Wish Ye Didnt, 2009 f b by Oscar - Catchereye, Co.Limerick (F)
Bolger, Enda - DARK GREEN & PURPLE HLVD; dark green,purple reversed sleeves; red cap
Handler: Bolger, Enda
Wishmoor, 2010 g br by Winged Love - Presentingatdawn, Mid-Antrim (H)
Ferguson, Mrs J.K. - WHITE,blue panel; white, plain sleeves; blue & red check cap
Handler: Ferguson, I. R.
Wither Or Not, 2010 g ch by Saffron Walden (FR) - Stage Debut, East Down (F)
Vaughan, Gillian - DARK BLUE,emerald green chevron; dark blue, plain sleeves; dark blue cap,emerald green star
Handler: Hamilton, B.R.
Wonderful Present, 2008 g b br by Presenting (GB) - Wondermac, Kildare (F)
Hughes, Exors of Late D. T. - EMERALD GREEN; emerald green sleeves; emerald green cap
Handler: Hughes, Sandra A.
Wood Pigeon, 2009 g b by Presenting (GB) - Come In Moscow, Muskerry (F)
Murphy, John Joseph - WHITE,dark green diamond; white,dark green diamonds sleeves; white cap,dark green diamonds
Handler: Murphy, John Joseph
Worthcominghomefor, 2008 f b by High-Rise - La Bandido, Carlow Farmers (F)
Murphy, William P. - BLUE,white cross belts; blue sleeves; blue & white hooped cap
Handler: Murphy, William P.
Wouldbemighty, 2008 f b by Presenting (GB) - Delsy Flyer, Co.Galway(F)
Murphy, Sean P. - ROYAL BLUE & ORANGE CHECK; royal blue,orange seams sleeves; royal blue cap,orange star
Handler: Murphy, Sean P.