Thursday, November 23, 2017
This horse does not currently hold a hunter certificate for this season.

This horse has not been entered to date this season.

Past results for DEFINITE SURPRISE

29/03/15Cloyne (H) @ DromahaneWinners Of One023L William Weldin McMahon11st 11lbs
15/02/15Kildare (F)Maiden Race For 6-Y-O & Upwards (DIVISION II)01 James John Codd12st 2lbs
25/01/15North Tipperary (F)Maiden Race For 7-Y-O & Upwards Geldings031˝L James John Codd12st 2lbs
23/02/14East Clare (H)Maiden Race For 7-Y-O & Upwards Geldings0410L Robert Patrick Geoghegan12st 2lbs
02/02/14Co. Clare (H) BelharbourMaiden Race For 6-Y-O & Upwards Geldings (DIVISION II)0720L Robert Patrick Geoghegan12st 2lbs
17/11/13Ormond (F)Maiden Race For 6-Y-O & Upwards Geldings063L Robert Patrick Geoghegan12st 2lbs
29/09/12Limerick (F) BruffMaiden Race For 5 & 6-Y-O Geldings (DIVISION I)048L Robert Patrick Geoghegan12st
22/04/12Meath (F) & Tara (H)Maiden Race For 5-Y-O Geldings (DIVISION I)AR Robert Patrick Geoghegan12st
08/04/12Co. Clare (H) DromolandMaiden Race For 5-Y-O GeldingsAR William Weldin McMahon11st 9lbs
01/04/12Suirvale (H)Maiden Race For 5-Y-O GeldingsAR Robert Patrick Geoghegan12st
11/03/12North Galway (F)Maiden Race For 5 & 6-Y-O GeldingsAR Robert Patrick Geoghegan11st 9lbs