Monday, December 18, 2017
This horse does not currently hold a hunter certificate for this season.

This horse has not been entered to date this season.

Past results for ELMBRIDGE SQUIRE

05/01/14Shillelagh & District (F)Winners Of Onepu Mark John Scallan12st 2lbs
24/11/13Killinick (H)Winners Of Twof Garrett Laurance Murphy11st 11lbs
07/04/13Louth (F)Winners Of Onepu Garrett Laurance Murphy11st 9lbs
10/03/13Killinick (H)Winners Of One02Dist Garrett Laurance Murphy11st 9lbs
06/01/13Shillelagh & District (F)Winners Of One (DIVISION I)AR Garrett Laurance Murphy11st 9lbs
09/12/12Island Hunt (F)Winners Of Two (DIVISION I)046L Thomas Noel Bennett11st 9lbs
04/11/12Kilkenny (F)Maiden Race For 5-Y-O Geldings (DIVISION II)01 Garrett Laurance Murphy11st 9lbs
14/10/12Shillelagh & District (F)Maiden Race For 5-Y-O Geldings (DIVISION II)0320L Garrett Laurance Murphy11st 9lbs
25/03/12Bree (F)Maiden Race For 5-Y-O Geldings (DIVISION II)0412L Adam Francis O'Neill11st 9lbs
05/02/12Island Hunt (F)Maiden Race For 5-Y-O GeldingsAR Mark John Scallan12st
15/01/12Shillelagh & District (F)Maiden Race For 5-Y-O Geldingsf Mark John Scallan12st
04/12/11Tipperary (F) LisronaghMaiden Race For 4-Y-O (DIVISION II)AR Mark John Scallan11st 7lbs
20/11/11Wexford (F)Maiden Race For 4-Y-O (DIVISION I)pu Mark John Scallan11st 7lbs