Monday, December 18, 2017
This horse does not currently hold a hunter certificate for this season.

Entries by KANSASCITY SHUFFLE this season

05/06/16Ormond (F)Winners Of One - Geldings
07/05/16Co. Limerick (F) AthlaccaOpen Lightweight Race - Geldings BANKS COURSE
13/03/16Killinick (H)Open Lightweight Race NOMINATION BANKS COURSE
24/01/16Wexford (F)Winners Of Three
10/01/16Shillelagh & District (F)Winners Of One
22/11/15Killinick (H)Winners Of Two
01/11/15Kilkenny (F)Open Lightweight Race


05/06/16Ormond (F)Winners Of One - Geldings06Dist Mark John Scallan12st 1lbs
07/05/16Co. Limerick (F) AthlaccaOpen Lightweight Race - Geldings BANKS COURSE072L Mark John Scallan12st 1lbs
13/03/16Killinick (H)Open Lightweight Race NOMINATION BANKS COURSE0515L Mark John Scallan12st 1lbs
24/01/16Wexford (F)Winners Of Threepu Mark John Scallan12st 1lbs
01/11/15Kilkenny (F)Open Lightweight Racepu Mark John Scallan12st 1lbs
02/06/13South Union (F) KinsaleWinners Of Two (DIVISION I)pu David Joseph Cogley11st 9lbs
19/05/13Laois (F)Winners Of Two (DIVISION II)AR David Joseph Cogley11st 9lbs
06/05/13Muskerry (F) DawstownWinners Of TwoAR David Joseph Cogley11st 9lbs
21/04/13Laois (F)Winners Of One (DIVISION II)pu David Joseph Cogley11st 9lbs
07/04/13Louth (F)Winners Of Onepu David Joseph Cogley11st 9lbs
06/01/13Shillelagh & District (F)Winners Of One (DIVISION II)pu Brendan Oliver Walsh12st
11/03/12Killinick (H)Maiden Race For 7-Y-O & Upwards CONFINED01 Andrew Joseph Doyle12st
05/02/12Island Hunt (F)Maiden Race For 7-Y-O & Upwards Geldings024L Andrew Joseph Doyle12st
28/01/12East Down (F)Maiden Race For 7 & 8-Y-O Geldings (DIVISION II)f Andrew Joseph Doyle12st
23/10/11Golden Vale (F)Maiden Race For 5 & 6-Y-O Geldingspu Keith Cogley11st 9lbs
09/10/11Shillelagh & District (F)Maiden Race For 6-Y-O & Upwards Geldingsf Andrew Joseph Doyle12st
24/04/11Ballymacad (F)Maiden Race For 5 & 6-Y-O Geldings023L Andrew Joseph Doyle12st
11/04/10LAOIS (F)Maiden Race For 5-Y-O GeldingsPU Andrew Joseph Doyle