Thursday, November 23, 2017
This horse does not currently hold a hunter certificate for this season.

Entries by SHANNON FALL this season

15/05/16United Hunt (F) BartlemyWinners Of One
13/03/16Premier (H)Winners Of One

Past results for SHANNON FALL

15/05/16United Hunt (F) BartlemyWinners Of Onepu Michael Christopher O'Donovan11st 10lbs
13/03/16Premier (H)Winners Of Onepu Roger Patrick Quinlan12st 1lbs
01/06/15Ormond (F)Winners Of Two03Dist Barry John Foley12st 2lbs
17/05/15United Hunt (F) BartlemyWinners Of One062L Barry John Foley12st 2lbs
16/04/14Killeagh (H) InchWinners Of One033L Barry John Foley12st 2lbs
30/03/14Brosna (F)Winners Of One02David Joseph O'Leary11st 11lbs
09/03/14Premier (H)Winners Of One071L Barry John Foley12st 2lbs
23/02/14East Clare (H)Winners Of One021L Barry John Foley12st 2lbs
26/01/14North Tipperary (F)Winners Of One042L David Joseph O'Leary11st 11lbs
12/01/14Scarteen (F)Winners Of Threepu Shane Martin Tierney11st 11lbs
15/12/13Duhallow (F) Kanturk @ DromahaneWinners Of One (DIVISION I)053L Barry John Foley12st 2lbs
31/03/13Waterford (F)Winners Of OneAR Barry John Foley12st
10/03/13Premier (H)Winners Of OneAR David Joseph O'Leary11st 9lbs
13/01/13Scarteen (F)Winners Of Threepu Damien Skehan11st 9lbs
25/11/12West Waterford (F) BoultaWinners Of One - Geldingspu Damien Skehan11st 9lbs
04/11/12Kilkenny (F)Winners Of TwoAR Barry John Foley12st
14/10/12Galway Blazers (F)Winners Of ThreeAR Shane Martin Tierney11st 9lbs
09/06/12Ormond (F)Winners Of One - GeldingsAR Barry John Foley12st
06/05/12East Galway (F)Winners Of OneAR Barry John Foley12st
22/04/12Doneraile (H)Maiden Race For 6-Y-O & Upwards (DIVISION II)01 Barry John Foley12st
01/04/12Westmeath (F)Maiden Race For 7-Y-O & Upwards GeldingsAR Barry John Foley12st
11/03/12North Galway (F)Maiden Race For 7-Y-O & Upwards (DIVISION II)02Nk John James King12st
19/02/12Brosna (F)Maiden Race For 8-Y-O & Upwards Geldings022L Barry John Foley12st
29/01/12North Tipperary (F)Maiden Race For 7-Y-O & Upwards Geldings NOVICE RIDERSf William Thomas Shanahan12st
30/10/11South Union (F) KinsaleMaiden Race For 7-Y-O & Upwards022L Barry John Foley12st
23/05/10LAOIS (F)Maiden Race For 7-Y-O Geldings06hd Roger Patrick Quinlan
01/05/10TIPPERARY (F) LISRONAGHMaiden Race For 7 & 8-Y-O (DIVISION I)PU J.D. Moore
18/04/10KILLEADY (H)Maiden Race For 7 & 8-Y-O Geldings (DIVISION II)ro Declan Luke Queally12-0
28/03/10TIPPERARY (F) LISRONAGHMaiden Race For 7 & 8-Y-O (DIVISION II)F Roger Patrick Quinlan12-0